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Why is Choosing the Right Wireless LAN Configuration Important?


Choosing the right wireless LAN configuration for your organization is important for a variety of reasons and there a number of factors which must be kept in mind when making this choice. Coverage area is one key aspect to look for; ideally, you want to provide the most coverage with the fewest access points. However, a large coverage area is meaningless if the overall reliability of the network is poor. Therefore, the right configuration is the one with the fewest dead zones or dropped signals while still covering the widest possible area.

Choosing Wireless LAN      One key factor which is often overlooked when choosing a wireless LAN configuration is security. It is important to ensure that no unverified users can join the network and potentially damage it. Additionally, it is always good to look towards the future so picking a system which is highly scalable to fit the needs of future expansion is something to consider. Overall, choosing the right wireless LAN configuration should include looking at all of the above and finding a simple yet powerful system

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