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UC Desktop 6.0 Released

ECI is pleased to announce the release of UC Desktop Suite 6.0, which is supported with the UNIVERGE SV8100 R8 release.
     UC Desktop 6.0 continues to maximize the business benefit of investing in the UC Desktop Suite by truly bridging the gap between the telephone and the PC. Its simple interface means that, with just a few clicks of the mouse, employees can easily access features such as speed dialing and call management. UC Desktop 6.0 also incorporates two of the most popular features of previous versions: Mobile Presence and Outlook Integration.

Mobile Presence allows users to use UC Desktop, exactly as they would in the office, but from their smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) and other mobile devices (i.e. laptops and tablets). This includes changing their Presence Status, viewing the status of others and accessing their Desktop contacts.

Outlook Integration is, as it sounds, the ability to integrate UC Desktop with Microsoft Outlook. This integration can be used so that UC Desktop will automatically display relevant information about a contact when they call in (note: this feature is also compatible with other CRM software such as ACT! and Goldmine).

In addition to these returning features, there are also a number of new features introduced as part of UC Desktop 6.0. Some of these new features include:

  • New Message Display & Management: Users can view current voicemail and manage messages directly from the desktop.

  • Greeting/Presence Synchronization: Desktop 6.0 automatically updates voicemail greetings as user availability changes throughout the day. Updates are configured based on the user’s presence status and/or MS Outlook calendar.
  • Highlight-to -Dial Enhancement: Highlight a phone number listed in any application to initate a call directly from the console.

Overall, UC Desktop 6.0 provides solutions that make communications an integral part of the business process rather than a separate activity. It also creates value to the organization in terms of increased productivity, reduced costs and improved customer service.

For more information on Desktop Suite, visit the Desktop Suite section of our Video Library.