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The New ECI Telecom Blog

Thank you for following the link and welcome to to the first edition of the ECI telecom blog.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding useful articles relating to various telecom topics and current telecom issues important to business managers and owners. We hope that you find the discussion useful and help you to navigate the telecom industry maze.

Some of the posts that we have planned include

What’s the real cost of using outdated telecom technology? In this post, we’ll talk about the changing role of business telecom technology… why telecom was viewed a commodity in the past and why today’s businesses look at telecom more strategically. This new approach is giving businesses a competitive edge by upgrading to newer, integrated telecom applications.

Changing expectations for Customer Service. This post will talk about how GenY and Millennials expect to be served when contacting your organization for service or support. Being able to support their expectiations could have a significant impact on your bottome line.

What are SIP trunks and how will they benefit your business? SIP trunks are a new way of connecting your telephone system to the network using data channels rather than traditional telephone lines or ISDN. This post will examine the advantages of SIP trunks and highlight some important issues when selecting a service or a vendor.

Hosted or Onsite — what are the pros and cons of hosted PBX telephone systems? There has been lots of press about the advantages of hosted telephone systems, but few business owners are really educated about some of the drawbacks of hosted until after it is installed and the the business owner realize that the vendors contract cannot be broken. This blog will focus on the facts relating to deploying a hosted vs a premises-based PBX for your organization.

We want to make this blog a useful source of telecom information and education … please take a moment to register so that you’ll be notified when new content is posted.




Richard, Empire Communications