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The Real Cost of Old Technology

When discussing the true cost of old technology with regards to business we first have to look at the traditional view.  Business technology was meant to be purchased as cheap as possible until it failed and then replaced. This was in line with the greater organizational trend of cutting costs in order to maximize profit

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6 Steps to Accelerate SMB Growth in 2013

The Problem: We live in a different world with vastly different means of communication and ways of keeping informed. This has a dramatic impact on how businesses operate. In this environment, small businesses which have disconnected departments cannot effectively communicate with customers, thereby slowing their business growth. This problem can be solved by unifying the

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5 Ways to Improve Staff Productivity with Telecom Desktop Tools

Telecom Desktop Tools (such as NEC’s Desktop Suite and Shoretel Communicator) are software applications that run on a PC and allow control and visibility over a connected phone system.  Businesses, from small to large, have been using these tools more and more to increase worker productivity and reduce costs.  While the initial investment to install the equipment and

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Are You Ready for Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) brings together multiple real-time and offline communication modes (such as telephony, email, fax, and instant messaging) plus a range of additional capabilities (including presence detection and click-to-call) into a single, integrated solution. With UC solutions, users can access and manage all of their communications tools from a single environment, regardless of their location. Typically, UC solutions

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