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6 Steps to Accelerate SMB Growth in 2013

The Problem: We live in a different world with vastly different means of communication and ways of keeping informed. This has a dramatic impact on how businesses operate. In this environment, small businesses which have disconnected departments cannot effectively communicate with customers, thereby slowing their business growth. This problem can be solved by unifying the

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How does Fixed Mobile Convergence reduce cellular and telecom costs?

In today’s business world, it is vital that nearly all employees are mobile and yet accessible at all times. However, this level of integration is expensive (due the cost of carrier mobile minutes and data) and as such; organizations are always looking for ways to save on their cell phone and telecom expenditures. Fortunately, there

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In-building Mobility: What are the 6 factors driving ROI?

Office workers are constantly on the move, even within their own buildings. They’re in meetings, speaking with co-workers, or even changing departments. It is an ongoing challenge to keep employees connected when they’re away from their desks. Fortunately, there is a solution: In-building Mobility. The concept is a relatively simple one: wireless access points are

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