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How Is SIP Trunking Helping Companies Cut Costs?

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunking is a technology that has been steadily growing in usage within the business community. The biggest reason for this growth is because of how SIP trunks can reduce business telecom costs. Typically, transitioning to a different telecom technology is viewed as risky. However, if you’re considering making the move to

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How Are SIP Trunk Offerings Different

Firstly, What is SIP Trunking? There are quite a few options when choosing a SIP trunk provider, today’s post is regarding the factors which make each of the services different. SIP trunking may be new to many readers so if you feel you need to learn the basics of what it is please refer to

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Are You Ready for Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) brings together multiple real-time and offline communication modes (such as telephony, email, fax, and instant messaging) plus a range of additional capabilities (including presence detection and click-to-call) into a single, integrated solution. With UC solutions, users can access and manage all of their communications tools from a single environment, regardless of their location. Typically, UC solutions

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