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What are the 5 key factors in selection of a Hosted Telecom Provider?

In today’s business environment, companies face a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a Hosted Telecom Provider. It is the goal of this post to act as a guide for helping you choose the provider that can best satisfy your needs. If you focus on the following five factors when researching potential providers

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What is SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking (session initiation protocol), is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that uses a data network or internet connection to connect business telephone systems to the telephone network. Unlike traditional telephony, where bundles of physical lines were once delivered from the Bell, Telus or Allstream to a business to deliver services, a SIP trunk

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The New ECI Telecom Blog

Thank you for following the link and welcome to to the first edition of the ECI telecom blog. Over the coming weeks we will be adding useful articles relating to various telecom topics and current telecom issues important to business managers and owners. We hope that you find the discussion useful and help you to

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