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SV8100 R7 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new features of R7?New features of R7 include:

  • Instant Messenger (IM): Communicate in real-time without intrusive phone calls or using public domain IM software for business needs


  • InMail Integration: Creates a visual representation of your voicemail box that can be quickly managed from your desktop.


  • Enhanced Call Park: Provides an easier and more practical way to park calls with just the click of a mouse


  • SalesForce.com Professional: Collaborate and communicate more easily with your customers using this cloud-based CRM solution


  • Station Message Detailed Recording (SMDR): provides valuable information about trunk and now STATION calls. SMDR gives you the ability to: better control telephone fraud and abuse, perform more accurate cost accounting and analyze call patterns to identify opportunities for cost reductions.


  • New Energy Saving features that turn off power to phones automatically or by service code.

Do I require a site visit?

If your system is already running R6 and you have a ME50 (memory expansion option), then no, the upgrade can be done remotely. If your system software is pre-R6 or does not have the ME50 memory expansion then an ECI site visit is required.


Is there a cost for the upgrade?

If the upgrade can be done remotely and you have ECI Support and NEC Software Assurance there is no charge for the upgrade.


Will any additional equipment be required?

No additional equipment is required to upgrade to R7. However, if you not already have an ME50 installed it is recommended that you do as it will allow future software upgrades to be conducted remotely. This eliminates the need for a future site visit.


How long will my system be down during business hours? Will my system need to be restarted during business hours?

If only an upgrade to R7 is being performed, your system should only be off for a few minutes. If an ME50 is also being installed, it would be slightly longer.


What if I don’t have software assurance?

If you do not have software assurance, you can purchase it from ECI. Contact info@ecitech.ca for more information.


Why is software assurance important?

Software Assurance is important because it includes both major version software upgrades (which occur once or twice a year) and NEC technical support. On the other hand, your existing software warranty only provides some basic support entitlement and minor software updates (mostly pertaining to bug fixes).

Software Assurance ensures that your software deployments run smoothly, that your business remains efficient, and that you always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your organization’s communications solutions are stable, secure and up to date


If you have any addition questions, please contact ECI:

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