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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- Frequenty Asked Telecommunications Questions

Support Services

Is hardware covered by ECI Support Services?
ECI Support Services are designed to compliment an existing manufacturer’s warranty and do not cover hardware. If your manufacturer’s hardware warranty has expired we recommend making our Total Service Solutions plan your first choice.


What hardware is covered by Total Service Solutions?
Our Total Service Solutions plan covers all of your core system equipment as listed in your schedule A. Core equipment are the main parts of your phone system such as your main cabinet, any expansion cards and voicemail system, peripherals like telephones and conference phones are not covered by this warranty.


Software Assurance

What do I get with Software Assurance?
Software Assurance covers the software your core system uses to run the phone system. When NEC releases new software you have the ability to access it without purchasing the latest software version independently. All new patches, updates and bug fixes are also included for the year with Software Assurance – simply pay standard labour rates for installation and your system will always be up to date.


How often do updates come out?
Although varying new updates generally coming out every 4-6 months.


Is an onsite technician required for software installations?
Depending on your system updates may be able to be installed remotely. Contact your ECI account rep for more information.
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