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Contracted Support Services

It is important that you continue to protect your investment, particularly one that is such a crucial component of your operations. We pride ourselves on offering our clients best in class, no hassle support designed to keep your system running at maximum efficiency. You can choose from a variety of ECI Customer Care programs tailored to your needs and budget.

Total Service Solutions

Our Total Service Solutions program provides you hardware support on your existing core hardware, which extends the manufacturer’s warranty on the hardware listed in Schedule A of the ECI Support Services agreement. If any covered component fails during normal use as described in the ECI Support Agreement, ECI replaces the component and includes the labour for the repair. Total Service Solutions also includes all aspects of ECI Support Services as listed below.

ECI Support Services

This popular program gives you access to ECI technical support if extended warranty coverage on core equipment hardware is not needed. It includes the following:


Helpdesk Access

As an ECI Support Services customer, you have priority voice or email access to ECI Helpdesk. This service provides:

  • Contracted response time to emergency or non-emergency service requests
  • Real-time business hours support to customers
  • Remote diagnostic assessment and problem resolution
  • Free minor remote changes

Dedicated contact within ECI

As an ECI support customer, you will have a named account manager. Your Account Manager is available to meet with you to discuss how to optimize your ECI system to help you increase revenue, reduce costs or improve customer satisfaction.


Preferred Rates

ECI offers preferred rates on service calls or for additional equipment.


Client Education

Receive invitations to participate in ECI Seminars and/or Webex education sessions.


Software Assurance

Software Assurance is an important option for clients with larger or complex configurations, including UCB. Software Assurance includes:

  • Manufacturer technical support for your system and/or applications
  • An NEC software subscription, which includes minor revisions to the version of software that you are using as well as major software updates (new releases) as they are made available. For more on NEC Software Assurance, visit our NEC Software Assurance page.To learn more about the benefits of UCB Software Assurance, click here.


For more information, you can visit our frequently asked questions page or contact ECI:

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