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Wireless LAN Solutions

As organizations become increasingly reliant on wireless devices and applications – the need for fast, pervasive, and reliable wireless network solutions is a top priority.
ECI offers Ruckus wireless LAN solutions, which provide superior wireless network performance with unmatched simplicity and best-in-class reliability and coverage.
Our implementation of wireless LANs involves a detailed predictive assessment for your facility using our advanced WLAN planning tools. This ensures that the location of your access points customized to the physical environment and site needs for wireless IP voice or data. Our expert technical team ensures ongoing support for your Ruckus WLAN directly from ECI.

Ruckus ZoneDirector

ZoneDirector is the Ruckus management appliance that delivers advanced capabilities for wireless meshing, AP management, easy guest access and dynamic Wi-Fi security. ZoneDirector can be configured for single or multiple sites as well as redundant controller deployments. As few as four or over 500 AP’s can be deployed and managed by ZoneDirector.

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 Zone Flex Access Points

Ruckus Zone Flex Access Points

ZoneFlex Access points are incorporate Ruckus patented BeamFlex smart antenna array technology to deliver high throughput, extended range and adaptive signal steering for the most reliable signal. Contact ECI to discuss your requirements for indoor, outdoor and cold environment, single or dual band AP’s.

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 Ruckus 7731

Ruckus Point-to Point Bridge (7731)

Ruckus 7731 is a compact, Point-to-Point wireless bridge. It is a reliable way to link various buildings into a single cohesive network for IP voice and data without the ongoing monthly costs associated with using rented or leased circuits. With a clear Line of Sight, 100MB performance at distances of 10 KM is available.

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