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Rogers Business Solutions

When you work with ECI and Rogers Business Solutions you benefit from on-going collaboration with our team of experts who leverage the Rogers nation-wide, enterprise class fibre network to deliver a flexible, scalable product suite to meet your evolving business needs… Rogers Business Solutions


ECI has been selected by Rogers Business Solutions as an Authorized Channel Partner. This means that the network services, the pricing and the technical support on a Rogers Fibre or SIP trunk implementation is exactly the same as if you were dealing directly with Rogers. But it also means that you are working with ECI as your local, trusted IT partner. We understand the overall impact of deploying Fibre Internet or SIP in your organization and can bring our experience and professional services to your project to ensure a smooth implementation

Our Authorized Channel Partner status allows us to work with your organization to deploy:

If you want to know more about how ECI and Rogers Business Solutions can allow your business to take advantage of the power of fibre, contact ECI: