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Unified Communications

Organizations are constantly looking to maximize productivity, improve competitiveness and to control costs. That’s why we work with key decision makers and IT managers to develop and implement fully-customized Unified Communications (UC) applications.  Regardless if you are a small business or a larger enterprise, ECI has a broad range of applications from leading manufacturers like NEC and ShoreTel. An ECI UC solution speeds response and improves collaboration through Rich Presence, IM, mobility applications and integration with your existing email.

As the premier provider of IT Business Solutions in Southwestern Ontario you can rely on ECI for a thorough needs analysis, a UC solution tailored for your business and ongoing support from ECI’s expert team.


NEC UC Desktop Suite

Unified Communications - UC Desktop

UC Desktop provides a number of powerful features such as call management, Mobile Presence and integration with Outlook that truly bridges the gap between the phone and PC. 

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NEC Unified Communications for Business (UCB)

Unified Communications - NEC Unified Communications for Business

UCB is a powerful UC solution that takes a unified approach to all of the ways organizations communicate, eliminating the barriers to successful interactions with key contacts. 

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ShoreTel Communicator

Unified Communications - ShoreTel Communicator

Communicator is ShoreTel’s powerful UC application that makes it easy for employees to collaborate and to communicate any way they choose via video, voice, and IM. It also contains a number of other beneficial features including: Presence management, simplified call handling, customized call routing, and Mobile Access. 

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