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Telecom Consulting

Does your organization struggle with cost control, expense reporting, and allocation when it comes to its telecom services? To ensure that you are paying the best possible prices for the communications services you require, expense tracking and expense management are best left to a specialist.


Telecommunications Consultant



Getting in touch with a Telecom Consultant for a comprehensive Telecom and Data Services Review is a great place to start.

By enlisting the help of a Telecom Consultant, other organizations have managed to:

  • Reduce landline network costs by up to 40% (per user)
  • Reduce landline voice costs by up to 38% (per user)
  • Reduce cellular service costs by up to 40% (per user)

Overall, those who implemented Telecom Expense Management saved an average of 32% in communication services costs over the past year, resulting from the improved management of contract negotiations (i.e. for mobile devices) and the improved visibility of telecom expenses across the organization.

Interested in having a Professional review your current telecom service costs in an effort to save your organization some money? Contact ECI for more information: