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Mobility in the workplace is no longer a luxury – it has become a core requirement for businesses of all sizes. Ensuring that employees can always be reached improves customer interactions, and enhances productivity.

Mobility can take on many forms and ECI supports many different mobility options from NEC, ShoreTel, and Spectralink including: Digital and IP DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), and Wi-Fi Solutions and Handsets.



NEC Digital DECT Handsets

 Mobility - NEC Digital DECT

Provide a flexible work environment through wireless telephony; extending the reach of voice communications and enabling employees to remain productive and reachable even when away from their desk.

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NEC IP DECT Handsets

Mobility - ML440


The NEC ML440 provides the productivity-enhancing features and functionality of desktop phone, with crystal clear speech, enhanced call security, and simplified administration.

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NEC Wi-Fi Solutions

Mobility - uMobility

NEC uMobility

NEC uMobility is a SmartPhone app that enables businesses to ensure that employees to be reached anytime, anywhere through enhanced in-building coverage over Wi-Fi or via the public cellular network and can significantly reduce cellular expense at the same time.

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ShoreTel IP DECT Handsets

Mobility - ShoreTel IP 930

ShoreTel IP 930D

The ShoreTel IP 930D Phone combines the capabilities of ShoreTel IP Phones with in-building mobility.

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ShoreTel Wi-Fi Solutions

 Mobility - ShoreTel Mobility

ShoreTel Mobility

ShoreTel Mobility is a Smartphone App that allows users to make and receive calls from both the enterprise and personal cellular numbers with the best network (Wi-Fi or cellular) selected automatically, optimizing cost, call quality and battery life.

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Spectralink Wi-Fi Handsets

These devices are designed to increase staff mobility while simultaneously improving productivity. Below are a few examples of popular models (compatible with both NEC and ShoreTel systems):

Mobility - SpectraLink 8400 Series

SpectraLink 8400 Series

The 8400 Series combines applications such as paging, voice calls and bar code scanning into a single, easy to use, rugged device. It also supports the industry’s largest range of interfaces to deliver maximum interoperability.

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Mobility - PIVOT

Introducing PIVOTâ„¢

Spectralink, the inventor of in-building wireless, is the first manufacturer to combine renowned handset durability and voice quality with smartphone-like usability in a solution that really works. And because PIVOT is based on the Android platform, it also provides easy access to applications and resources to help you do your job better.

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To learn more about any of these mobility solutions, or to obtain a quote, please contact ECI: