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Contact Centers

Your contact center is often the first experience prospects and customers have of your business, so delivering a consistently high level of service regardless of when or how they contact you is critical.

ECI offers feature-rich contact center applications for both NEC and ShoreTel phone systems. These applications range from a basic informal answering groups up through systems that add real time and historical reporting for your voice contact centre.  For clients with sophisticated needs, ECI solutions can include multiple sites, redundancy and failover, voice and email agents, Web integration (Web Chat) and customized database integration.

ECI is a leading provider of Contact Centre technology for business large and small. Contact us today to learn what an ECI developed solution can do for your business.

NEC InACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
 Contact Centers - NEC InACD

InACD is a powerful voice contact center at an affordable price. It includes flexible queues, customized overflow announcements, agent skillsets and special Supervisor capabilities. A robust management reporting package is available to give management key data on agent performance, abandoned calls as well as queue and overall traffic activity.

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NEC UCB Contact Center
Contact Centers - UC for Business Contact Center

Intelligently manages contact types (i.e. phone calls, voice messages, email, etc.) in a fully integrated solution that is simple to deploy and manage. Skills-based routing is used to ensure callers are routed to the agents best able to help them.

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ShoreTel WorkGroups
Contact Centers - ShoreTel Workgroups

An easy-to-configure call center solution with call routing, announcements, scheduling, and basic reporting in a simple package designed to help informal groups become more efficient.

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ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC)
Contact Centers - ShoreTel ECC

A powerful solution that balances the convenience of automation and the attentiveness of the human touch. It offers optimized call routing by a number of customizable variables and supports addition service options (i.e. email, voicemail, fax, etc.).

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To learn more about contact center applications, or to obtain a quote, please contact ECI: