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ECI recognizes the many advantages of SIP Trunking and is eager to help your company utilize this new technology as it increasingly becomes the predominant telecom choice for businesses of all different sizes and needs.

One of the reasons that this method of communicating has become so popular is because businesses that move to SIP Trunks often save themselves thousands of dollars per year!



How SIP Trunks Can reduce your communications costs:



Undoubtedly, SIP Trunking allows for businesses to significantly decrease their costs, combine their voice and data needs into one streamlined solution,  update their systems to more advanced, clear, and capable VoIP communications, and connect their telephony and communication networks across multiple sites.

Additionally, SIP Trunking allows businesses to deliver both voice and data information over a single connection, instead of the traditional telephony method of separate voice and data connections, as is shown in the diagram  below:














ECI will work with your company to ensure a smooth and easy transition from an Analog or PRI based phone lines to the SIP Trunks that will provide the cost-savings and the voice quality that your business needs! If you would like more information on how SIP Trunks work or how they can save your company money, please feel free to contact us: