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ShoreTel Virtualization

Powerful new features introduced in ShoreTel version 14.2

ECI is proud to announce the release of ShoreTel’s version 14.2 software. ShoreTel 14.2 introduces a number of powerful new features for ShoreTel phone systems, but perhaps none is more important than virtualization.


ShoreTel 14.2 provides the ability to deliver a fully virtualized ShoreTel system or to mix-and-match hardware-based and virtual appliances in a single network, providing ultimate flexibility. It allows all ShoreTel Unified Communications components (including call control, SIP trunks, and collaboration applications) to be virtualized and implemented on industry standard servers.

The many advantages of virtualization include:

  • Delivering high availability at low cost
  • Providing increased scalability to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes
  • Reducing hardware and operational costs by supporting higher phone and SIP trunk capacities.

Additional features available with ShoreTel 14.2 include:

  • ShoreTel Diagnostics and Monitoring: a web based application that provides detailed information and tools for managing your ShoreTel system
  • The introduction of the ShoreTel IP Phone 930D: a cordless phone solution ideally suited for those needing the functionality of desk phone in a mobile device

A free upgrade to ShoreTel 14.2 is available for customers with an active ShoreSupport agreement. Those without ShoreSupport cannot upgrade until an active agreement is in place.

To find out if you qualify and to learn more about ShoreTel Virtualization and what it can do for your organization, contact ECI today!