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ECI is proud to offer ShoreTel telephone systems (or voice servers) to businesses in Guelph and across Southwestern Ontario. ShoreTel is one of the fastest rising stars in the telecommunications industry. They take a unique approach to IP enabled telephony which creates a highly reliable, easy-to-use telecom foundation that scales easily from as few as 10 users to well in excess of 5,000.

ShoreTel has approached telecom in a whole new way, beginning with a clean sheet of paper. New approaches to old problems, new designs for telephones and handsets, new technology and open integration with other applications has created a phone system that is so intuitive it is – brilliantly simple.


ShoreTel Telephone Systems Guelph

ShoreTel’s approach has created a new benchmark in telecom with a number of benefits, including:

  • Ease of use: The most intuitive interface in the industry improves communications and increases productivity without requiring expensive, specialist skills and certifications.
  • Ease of management: A single-view, Web-based interface centralizes the entire system so it can be managed from anywhere on the network, increasing control and lowering total cost of ownership.
  • The power of pure IP: ShoreTel IP business communication solutions give users new freedom and flexibility with efficient call handling capabilities and mobility features that allow them to stay connected.
  • Distributed reliability: ShoreTel systems are built on a distributed architecture that helps ensure 99.999 percent availability with no single point of failure..
  • Seamless scalability: ShoreTel can be easily integrated with your current communications infrastructure, and offers flexible migration options.

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