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ShoreTel Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration




The ShoreTel Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration application brings a new level of customizable, highly personal communication to customer interactions, combining voice capabilities with immediate access to comprehensive customer data. Benefits of this integration include:

Easy to Install and Intuitive to Use

The application is designed to transition easily into daily business operations. Once installed, it works seamlessly, allowing your company to realize the benefits of integrated IP telephony without changing established procedures, roles, or workflows.

Instant Access to Customer Data

Users can access complete customer information as an inbound or outbound call begins. Based on phone number search results, the application can provide screen pop notification, allowing CRM users to navigate to, or create, associated records with a mouse-click.

Highly Configurable Straight out of the Box

Users can control how the software responds to calls and lookup results. Organizations, as well, can customize search settings for lookup of standard and custom CRM entities and attributes.

Preview Functionality

Via screen pop notification, users can preview found entities before choosing to open a corresponding CRM record. An optional main window may be used to view and perform actions for active calls and associated CRM entities.

Simplifies Agent Workflow and Tasks

A streamlined interface reduces manual tasks, boosting user productivity and contact quality. With a single mouse-click, a user can answer a ringing call while opening an associated CRM form, so there’s no need to operate a telephone handset or speaker button.



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