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ShoreTel Enterprise Mobility

Unified Communications (UC) on Devices Employees Love

  ShoreTel Mobility, available from ECI, enables businesses of all sizes to integrate leading – and loved – smartphones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively, with existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure.

ShoreTel Mobility makes it easy for your workforce to embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and communicate on the devices of their choice. They can access a full suite of mobile UC tools from any location (office, home, hotspots), and on any network (voice over Wi-Fi, voice over 3G/4G, or cellular).


Businesses are deploying ShoreTel Mobility to address the key challenges associated with BYOD demands from employees: soaring international roaming costs, poor in-building coverage, and security.


Reduce Costs

ShoreTel Mobility’s least-cost routing not only routes cellular calls via the most cost effective path inside and outside the enterprise, but is also one of the only solutions to use VoIP over WLAN on leading smartphones and tablets from Apple, Android, and BlackBerry to drive international costs down and increase user productivity.


Constant Connectivity

The need for an increasingly mobile workforce to remain connected at all times, combined with building design and materials that inhibit cellular radio transmission, mean that businesses are always looking for ways to provide in-building coverage without the significant investment of cellular-based technology. ShoreTel Mobility helps enterprises and governments take control of in-building coverage problems and leverage Wireless LAN networks to provide wireless coverage.


Mobile Security

ShoreTel Mobility secures mobile enterprise communications by leveraging proven standards for authentication and
encryption. It automatically recognizes when the user is outside the enterprise firewall, and automatically launches an application-layer SSL VPN.


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