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Say Hello to UCB 7.0

NEC’s Unified Communications for Business (UCB) 7.0 introduces powerful new features, including the revolutionary new agent interface: Touchpoint.

Here’s what’s new in 7.0:

  • TouchPoint streamlines the way agents work in a multi-channel environment, making it easy to handle a blend of phone calls, emails, web chats, texts and social media.


  • New activity metrics deliver valuable insights in a modern, graphical format that improves visibility. Managers and supervisors on the move stay informed and in control with TouchPoint on any Microsoft Windows tablet.


  • TouchPoint is now available in nine languages with the addition of French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Change in licensing structure, reducing the cost to deploy Email, Web-Chat, IM and Fax queuing. Unlimited Announcement ports. Unified Messaging is now included with every mailbox license.


This helpful video from NEC also provides more information about the new features of UCB 7.0:


We’ve also included some helpful documents about new modules available with UCB 7.0:


To learn more about what UCB can do for your business or to upgrade your existing UCB software, please contact ECI: