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The implementation of SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) Trunks is one of the many services available through Rogers Fibre and offered by ECI as an Authorized Channel Partner.

There are many benefits that arise when a company moves their voice communications over to SIP trunks, but perhaps one of the most compelling advantages is that SIP Trunking offers significant cost savings over traditional voice services (30-50% lower on average).

Below is an example of what ECI was able to achieve for a mid-sized customer by switching them to SIP Trunks (A 62% cost reduction!!!):


Monthly Costs of Telecom Comparison 

Rogers SIP Trunking is delivered over a 100% fibre optic connection and represents the next generation of voice services. It allows businesses to leverage their existing private IP networks to access the public switched telephone network (PSTN), and eliminates the need for traditional copper phone lines. SIP Trunking is always delivered over a private network ensuring reliability, security and enterprise grade voice quality.


In addition, SIP Trunking allows businesses the ability to immediately remove or add the number of voice sessions needed. This is vastly superior to traditional phone lines, which use a PRI and can only be increased or decreased in increments of 23 – meaning that businesses are stuck paying enormous costs for voice sessions that they will never use.


SIP Trunking is the flexible and affordable choice that your business has been looking for. To learn more about this incredible service and how it can improve your company’s communications requirements, please contact ECI: