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Protect Your Technology from Summer Power Outages

Summer is almost here.

While this is good news for most, it isn’t necessarily good news for your phone system and other equipment.



Summer means thunderstorms and potential blackouts which produce power surges and outages which can wreak havoc on your technology and your business. They can damage equipment and data, resulting in lost revenue and extended down time.

The best way to protect the significant investment that you have made in your business technology against these threats is anĀ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS acts as buffer, protecting against power surges and providing temporary back-up power in the event of an outage (allowing time to save work and enact proper shutdown procedures).

ECI carries a variety of UPSs designed to protect mission critical technologies, including rack servers, data storage systems, VoIP equipment, network equipment, and other critical devices.

To learn more about Uninterruptible Power Supplies and how they can protect your business, please contact ECI:



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