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ECI Upgrade & Save Promotion

Now is the time to upgrade your phone system.

Until June 23rd, 2014, ECI is running its Upgrade & Save Promotion, which combines an upgraded phone system with upgraded phone lines, allowing your business to get the technology you need at low or no cost.

This is thanks to SIP Trunks, the latest advance in phone line technology, which cost 30 to 50% less than traditional lines.


These savings offset the cost of new phone system meaning that, for a monthly cost similar to (or even less than) what you’re currently paying, you get:

  • A powerful phone system that is easy to manage, simple to use, and has a number of tools designed to enhance productivity, including voicemail to e-mail
  • SIP Trunks, which offer higher performance, better voice quality, and improved reliability than traditional phone lines
  • The safety and security of knowing your phone system is manufacturer supported


Contact us today via e-mail at info@ecitech.ca or fill out the form below. We’ll perform a complimentary telecom assessment and work with you to develop a customized solution that fits your organization’s unique needs.


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