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Organizations Improve Revenue with Call Recording Software

Information is critical to the success of organizations. Without it, it is impossible to assess past performance or plan for the future, which results in lost revenue. Unfortunately, the information available is often incomplete, particularly call recordings.  This is because organizations often use expensive and inefficient third parties to record calls (usually as part of lead generation efforts). SonicView Call Recording

Fortunately, there are a number of call recording software solutions available in the marketplace today. They boast wide arrays of features that create a numerous benefits, such as:

  • Recording up to 100% of all calls in high quality. Having this information opens up a number of possibilities, such as: being able to create incentive programs and settling service disputes with customers and suppliers.
  • Helping to track the success rates of marketing campaigns. By assigning each campaign a different 1-800 or Direct Inward Dial number, you are then able to see which campaigns are generating leads and budget accordingly.
  • Easy-to-share recordings and built-in call evaluation systems improve the training, coaching and evaluation of agents.
SonicView Call Recording Overall, it’s easy to see why call recording software is so beneficial to organization. They capture a large amount of critical information and provide tools to analyze that information. This analysis leads to better evaluation of past performance, stronger planning for the future, and increased revenue for your organization.

ECI is now offering SonicView from TriVium Systems. It is the most comprehensive call recording solution in the marketplace today. To learn more about SonicView, sign up for ECI’s SonicView Webinar on October 25th at 1:00pm ET. All those who attend will be entered to win a Kindle Fire!