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Next Generation Wi-Fi Now Available from Ruckus


Ruckus has released their new line of wireless access points (that provide next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity and performance – 802.11ac) and a new virtual management tool.

The new range of 802.11ac access points offers higher speeds, better performance, and more reliable connectivity. Models are available for everything from medium density environments (such as hotels, retail outlets, and branch offices) to high capacity environments (including airports and conference centers) and can be deployed both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the new APs, Ruckus has also recently announced a new virtual management tool for Ruckus access points.

The virtual SmartCell Gateway (vSCG) is a scalable and versatile WLAN Controller designed to run in the cloud. It eliminates the difficulties are experiencing with building and managing larger or multi-site networks.  The vSCG implements a whole host of new features that optimize the Wi-Fi deployment either in a multi-tenant configuration or in an enterprise with single tenant configuration. By moving the SCG functionality into the cloud, it becomes possible to offer a platform with the flexibility to manage access points in multiple branches from one single browser application.

If you’d like to learn more about the new Ruckus products and what they can do for your organization, please contact ECI today:



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