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New Features of UCB 6.0

UCB R6.0 introduces a range of updates and new features for NEC’s flagship Unified Communications software for the NEAX2000, SV8300 and SV8100 systems. This software is shipped on all new orders and is also available as a software upgrade to existing UCB and InUCB users with an active Software Assurance subscription. For clients without Software Assurance, S/A can be reinstated for a fee and then the new software installed.

Some of the major highlights include:

  • Support for MS Server 2008 R2
  • Virtual Server support
  • Console Quick Find enhancement
  • Executive Mobile for iPhone
  • UCB Outdial enhancements

We recommend that UCB upgrades be performed outside regular business hours. Approximately four hours are needed for backup, installation and testing. These rates are confirmed for you as part of your upgrade quotation.

For more information, please contact ECI:

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