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NEC Ranks First in Trust, Technology, and Customer Service


Recently, Nemertes Research surveyed 500 IT decision-makers to determine how they rate their technology vendors.

The survey results show that NEC ranks first overall among communication vendors with top marks in the following categories:

  • Trusted Advisor

IT decision makers were asked to rank their vendors on technology expertise, credibility, innovativeness, character, and timeliness in response to customer needs in order to determine a vendor’s ability to be a trusted advisor. NEC ranked highly in all of these sub-categories, but excelled in expertise and credibility.

According to the report, NEC’s expertise and credibility is best exemplified through their innovative products and their value-added resellers and dealers (like Empire Communications). NEC’s customers have determined that they are the most capable at passing knowledge to their dealers who serve as an equally knowledgeable and capable extension of NEC.

  • Technology

NEC consistently ranked highly among communications vendors as providing reliable, interoperable and innovative communications and IT solutions.

NEC’s highest scoring metric was product reliability, meaning that not only does NEC provide innovative products, but also they also deliver reliable and dependable products that provide a continuous path forward.

  • Customer Service

NEC unequivocally ranked highest in the Customer Service category. From the results obtained, Nemertes determined that no other vendor is currently providing the same quality of response to its customers as well as NEC. NEC also has the highest percentage of organizations who wish to stay their customers of all the vendors polled. 

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