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Is Poor Wi-Fi Impacting your Productivity?

Does your wireless network suffer from deadspots that cause data entry errors and delays?

Have you considered new applications such as WLAN Voice handsets or IP Video security?

Do you need to extend coverage to outdoor areas or adjacent buildings, or offer guest access and BYOD?


If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions then you need Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus wireless LAN solutions provide superior wireless network performance with unmatched simplicity and best-in-class reliability and coverage.


Ruckus Wireless LAN solutions are ideal in many different business environments, including manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, education, retail, and much, much more.

ECI is your local partner with the experience and expertise to consult, develop, and install the right WLAN solution for your business, no matter your requirements.

Contact ECI if you’d like to learn more about Ruckus Wireless LAN Solutions from ECI or for a complimentary review of your needs: