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ECI “Work for You Guarantee”

From start to successful finish our “Work For You Guarantee” ensures that your custom-built ECI solution fits your organizations needs today and is flexible to adapt as your organization grows. ECI’s Work for You Guarantee is unique. It is our commitment to you that the system that we install is the result of our professional approach to telecommunications consulting and design, to our proven project methodology and to our industry-leading technical and support services. Here’s what is involved:  


Professional consulting and design. Our sales and marketing staff are experienced and fully versed in all aspects of business communications. The majority of ECI’s sales team has more than 15 years of experience in telecom, networking, call centres and advanced applications. We take this knowledge and combine it with a genuine desire to understand your business needs so that the right hardware, software and services are proposed to you.

Customized system recommendation. Our proposal is based on our assessment of your organizations near and longer term needs, your budget, the reliability and flexibility of the manufacturer and the ability of the new system to integrate with other applications in your office. Our reputation for honesty and integrity is your assurance of a successful project.

Dedicated Project Manager. Once a Sales and Installation Agreement is executed, a dedicated and experienced Project Manager is assigned to your implementation. The Project Manager is a key element in making the installation of your new system hassle free by managing the ECI project timeline and coordinating with your existing telecom and data network vendors. If necessary ECI will modify or order new Bell voice services for you or co-ordinate with your non-Bell network vendor.

Expert technical design, staging testing and programming. ECI technicians are factory trained and skilled in the programming and installation of your new system.

On-time, hassle free cutover of the new system. Part of our custom implementation plan for your project includes a cutover date that is designed to minimize impact on you, your staff or your customers. After-hours or weekend cutovers are available.

User and Administrator training on the new equipment ensures that the advantages of the new system benefits your organization quickly. ECI training staff provides on-site classroom style training as part of our project plan. Other media such as web-based learning and DVD video training can also be used for remote staff.

Ongoing support via ECI help desk or onsite support services with 24/7 2 hour emergency service response.




















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