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ECI Website Redesign

Working to provide your business with the tools to maximize productivity & increase your competitiveness

At ECI, we know our website is an important tool for interacting with you, our valued customer. After careful analysis we have identified a number of ways we can improve our site from basic functionality for ease of use, to providing more content applicable to your daily business needs – so we’re making some big changes! Website Under Construction

Over the next few months our goal will be to deliver a website that directly addresses the needs of our customers. Our site redesign will focus on the solutions and benefits that we offer, and less about the technical specification. We are also committed to continuing to provide you with tools to maximize your productivity, manage costs, and improve your competitiveness. We will continue to connect with you in a meaningful way through pages dedicated to training, system updates, and ongoing support services.

As we progress with the site development we will keep you informed of our progress. We also want to apologize, in advance, for any disruption that these changes may cause.  If you are at any time unable to connect with us online through our website redevelopment process you can always easily reach the ECI team by calling toll free 1-888-330-6775 or 519-624-9134 or via e-mail at info@ecitech.ca.  Thank you for your patience as we improve our systems to better support you.

As a valued customer we are also interested in hearing any suggestions on additional improvements we could undertake to help make your experience with the ECI website more effective.  Please complete and submit the form below on how we can make the online experience better for your business.


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