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ECI offers professional I.T. support service programs that are designed to provide the technical maintenance and ongoing support that your business requires to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.


With multiple support agreements available, it’s up to you to choose the ECI Customer Care program that suits your needs and budget best.



ECI’s Contracted Support Programs:






*Change Tokens (or change units) are included with a Managed Services 24/7 Support Agreement. One token is included for every $100 value of the contract.

Each change token covers the initial thirty minutes of Helpdesk time for Move, Add, or Change orders (MACs) that can be completed remotely through the ECI Helpdesk (a.k.a. Severity 4 service orders). After the first half hour, any additional time is billable at ECI’s standard Helpdesk rates. Should a customer’s tokens be exhausted, any further Helpdesk MACs would be billable at ECI’s standard Helpdesk rates. However, additional tokens can be purchased in blocks of five or ten.


ECI’s Helpdesk Severity Scale:



Please Note: Severity 1 incidents must be reported via a telephone call to the Helpdesk. Incidents categorized as Severity 2, 3, or 4 can be reported via either telephone or through email to the Helpdesk.



Contacting the ECI Helpdesk:

If you are an existing customer with a support contract in place and require our I.T. support and assistance for your business please contact the ECI Helpdesk via phone or email:

Phone Number: 519-624-9134

Toll Free: 1-888-330-6775

Email: helpdesk@ecitech.ca

Please be advised that emergency requests  must be reported over the phone to ensure an immediate response.



For more information on ECI’s contracted support options please contact us or request a quote: