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NEC Brings Voice Cloud Service to Canada

Simplify your Communications with ShoreTel

Save Up to 15% When Upgrading with NEC

Improve User Training with the Enghouse Interactive Learning Centre

Next Generation Wi-Fi Now Available from Ruckus

Is Poor Wi-Fi Impacting your Productivity?

Does your wireless network suffer from deadspots that cause data entry errors and delays? Have you considered new applications such as WLAN Voice handsets or IP Video security? Do you need to extend coverage to outdoor areas or adjacent buildings, or offer guest access and BYOD?   If you answered yes to any, or all,

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Thinking of Moving or Expanding in 2015?

Establishing a branch office or relocating an entire business is a major project for any organization. Business owners or managers are faced with a complex array of IT products and services, all of which play an important role in the successful move of your facility.   Introducing ECI…   Since 1998 ECI has helped companies

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Improve Productivity with ShoreTel Mobility

ShoreTel Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees’ smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android) with their existing phone system – securely, simply and cost-effectively. This allows employees to stay connected from any location on any network (i.e. voice over Wi-Fi, voice over 3G/4G, cellular, etc.) improving availability and responsiveness, which in

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NEC UC for Enterprise

Unified Communications for Enterprise (UCE) is NEC’s most advanced unified communications solution for the enterprise. The solution offers a powerful suite of customizable communication and collaboration tools, then deliver them to multiple endpoints and wireless devices. The result is an empowered workforce where employees have real-time access to the information they need and the freedom

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ShoreTel Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

    The ShoreTel Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration application brings a new level of customizable, highly personal communication to customer interactions, combining voice capabilities with immediate access to comprehensive customer data. Benefits of this integration include: Easy to Install and Intuitive to Use The application is designed to transition easily into daily business operations. Once

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