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Call Recording Solutions

Canadian businesses implement call recording for a wide variety of reasons that can include order verification, staff training, and industry standards compliance. There are generally two main types of call recording.

One type is an ad-hoc call recording that allows the users to manually start and stop call recording when needed. The resulting audio file is usually saved as a .wav in the user’s voice mailbox for future review or archiving. This is suitable for users that have minimal call recording, archiving and search/retrieval needs.

The second type is transparent call recording. In this scenario all calls can be recorded without user intervention. The calls are stored on a server or LAN folder and archived with robust search engines used to find and replay messages. This second type of call recording is finding a wide range of applications in Canadian business with staff training and customer service review as being the most popular reasons for deployment.

ECI offers a range of call recording solutions that include ad-hoc call recording as well as transparent/full time recording solutions for a wide range of needs and budget. We have listed some of the solutions below:



  • NEC Call Logger–NEC’s Call Logger is an affordable solution to record, store and manage calls for as few as 2 users and is scalable to over 20 users. Digital or IP phones can be recorded. Call Logger has modules for call search and playback as well as call coaching and scoring. Click here to learn more.

  • ShoreTel – Shoretel provides an affordable and flexible IP call recording application that can record as few as 5 concurrent calls. Because the call recording channels do not have to be dedicated to individual users, a five channel Call Recording license can sample calls for groups of ten to thirty or more users. ShoreTel call recording  can also be integrated with SalesForce.com. ShoreTel users can activate a free trial licenses to evaluate call recording. Click here to learn more.


  • Third Party Integrated solutions – These are typically server-based applications from established vendors such as Enghouse and OAISYS that have developed special integration to NEC, ShoreTel, Cisco, Mitel, and others. Applications can range from small to large and simple to complex.


To learn more about any of the call recording solutions discussed in this article, please contact ECI: