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With the rapid increase in volume and flow of information, it has never been more important to make sure that your organization’s local area network (LAN) is ready to handle the demands that are placed on it. This is particularly important if you are considering implementing an IP phone system. With our expertise in LAN switching and routing from Cisco, HP and Sophos, you can rely on ECI to offer the right hardware and services as well as to recommend best practices for VLAN’s and power backup for your network.

We now offer LAN and Wifi products manufactured by Sophos to go along with our expert installations. With an emphasis on security, Sophos has become a leader in firewall and secure WiFi hardware and software.

With a track record of successful IP deployments, ECI is your ideal source for practical advice and consulting to evaluate or upgrade your LAN/WAN infrastructure to support the demands that will be placed on it.

ECI is also experienced in using point-to-point wireless technology from Ruckus to link various buildings into a single cohesive network for IP voice and data without the ongoing monthly costs associated with using rented or leased circuits.

Request a copy of our LAN Best Practices Guide for IP Telephony here.

Cisco, HP, Ruckus

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