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Are You Ready for Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) brings together multiple real-time and offline communication modes (such as telephony, email, fax, and instant messaging) plus a
range of additional capabilities (including presence detection and click-to-call) into a single, integrated solution. With UC solutions, users can access and manage all of their communications tools from a single environment, regardless of their location. Typically, UC solutions capitalize on Internet Protocol (IP) technology to transmit voice, video, and data across a single network. By eliminating the need for multiple, disparate networks, UC solutions can reduce costs and simplify administration.

Assess your company’s readiness for UC so you can select the right solution and enhance the efficiency of deployment planning. Define how you will use the solution and evaluate
whether your IT infrastructure will need a refresh to support a new solution.

Before you embark on finding an appropriate UC solution, determine your business needs. Some organizations will want to focus on enhancing the productivity of individuals
by implementing new capabilities such as instant messaging, presence detection, or click-to-call. Other organizations need ways to eliminate bottlenecks, such as business
workflows. In many cases, organizations benefit from first concentrating on individual productivity and then later identifying opportunities for business process optimization.
Successful deployment of a UC solution depends on careful evaluation of your technical preparedness. For example, is your network ready? The infrastructure must be capable of
delivering sufficient throughput and meeting latency, jitter, and packet-loss requirements. Ask potential vendors whether they offer network assessment tools and services, which
can help determine whether your network is prepared to support IP telephony and other real-time UC applications.

UC solutions offer organizations of all sizes a tremendous opportunity to reduce communication costs, enhance productivity, and increase employee mobility. But at the same time, UC solutions are significant, long-term investments that should be considered carefully. Asking the right questions is essential for selecting the solution that can best meet your business goals and IT requirements. Once you have defined your needs, contact ECI to schedule an in-person demo. See for yourself what makes a UC system a compelling alternative to other solutions.