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Woodcock Brothers Transport Group

Woodcock Brothers Transport Group

Mark Wickhorst – IT Systems Manager
Woodcock Brothers Transport Group, Sebringville


“They didn’t just sell us an off-the-shelf product; they provided us with a completely integrated solution that was designed for our unique business needs. They have also provided us with the training and support required to ensure our system is running to its full capacity.”


“They took the time to understand our business and provide us with a complete communications system that is reliable and easy to use.”

Download our Woodcock Bros Case Study for more information.



Bruce Grey Child and Family Services

Bruce Grey Child & Family Services

Robin Clayton – Senior Manager Information Services
Bruce Grey Child & Family Services


“ECI handled our NEC telephone system amalgamation and upgrade when we merged (with two other offices)-in April 2012. ECI worked closely with us to ensure that this transition went smoothly with minimal business disruption.”


“We felt well supported by ECI throughout the entire merger process. Our entire staff was impressed with how well the telephone system upgrade happened ‘like magic’.”


“As an IT professional, I was pleased that ECI enabled me to achieve our company’s business plan during the transition and hit an incredibly tight timeline for the telephone system upgrade. ECI really understood that we are a human services organization, and that minimizing risk to vulnerable children and families by providing uninterrupted service to our clients is our top priority.”




Kidsability Centre for Child Development


Barbara Hill – Lead, Centre of Excellence; Dir. Information Technology & Health Records
KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, Waterloo

Why did you make the switch to Unified Communications?

Our focus was to increase connectivity across our six sites and that’s what ECI provided: we now have a single number and a single reception. Our new system is easier to use, provides a greater degree of flexibility, and takes a more “family-centered” approach.

Why was ECI the company of choice?

There was a real sense that ECI was committed to customer service and satisfaction. Additionally, ECI has experience working with our business environment (i.e. the Ontario e-health environment).

The overall purchase and installation experience was excellent and ECI was more than capable of handling any issues that arose.

“I have found ECI’s support services to be knowledgeable and solution focused. They are genuinely concerned with your problems and work to resolve them in a timely manner.”

I’ve always been a fan of ECI – and I would recommend them without hesitation.”






Jeff Frank – IT Manager
OTIP-RAEO, Waterloo

Why did you make the switch to Unified Communications?

“We had a 13- year old system that no longer supported the number of users. We determined the limitations of the current system with ECI’s help. ECI rolled out a complete unified communications/call management system for our business – on time and on budget.

“After only a couple of weeks, the reporting feature offered by the system is already having a positive impact. It’s making management and staff more aware of what’s happening with our clients – when they call in and how to better deliever the customer experience we are striving for.”

Why was ECI the company of choice?

“Their technical knowledge and support is fantastic.”

“They genuinely want to provide the best possible solution for your business. They take a keen interest in what’s going on because they want to make sure what they are implementing works for your business.”

“They’ve been a consistent performer. We have been able to rely on them. Why go anywhere else?”

“Their upfront needs analysis gave us an idea of who we were dealing with, what they were going to present. It built confidence.”




Royal LePage

Royal LePage

Francie Bujna – Operations Manager
Royal LePage, Mississauga

Why did you make the switch to Unified Communications?

“We had an old Nortel phone system. All calls were concentrated at the front desk and we were only able to handle one call at a time. By upgrading to the Unified Communications we have tripled our reception capabilities without adding anyone.

“This is a large investment but the benefit is that you can handle the same amount of calls with fewer staff. The reporting function allows you to see who is calling, how the calls are handled.”

“This system allows you to manage your business more effectively. You get instant notification on your BlackBerry of incoming emails, voicemails, and faxes.”

“This solution offers flexibility to customize based on the needs of the team and increases service levels. It unifies different communication channels into one location for instant notifications of incoming calls. You never miss a call with this system. It gives the sales team direct access to prospects with fewer headaches. There is no delay with reception and messages go directly into your mailbox.

“The Unified Communication system gives us a competitive advantage. I’d rather not let my competitors know about it.”

Why was ECI the company of choice?

“ECI is very customer centric. Service is their forte.”

“We can’t interrupt business; every call is a potential sale. Implementation of our new unified communication system was very smooth. ECI worked after hours to install our new system and have been very responsive for after sales service.

“ECI does a needs assessment of present telephone communication systems and offers potential solutions to help manage calls more efficiently. Other companies should definitely call them.”