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5 Ways to Improve Staff Productivity with Telecom Desktop Tools

Telecom Desktop Tools (such as NEC’s Desktop Suite and Shoretel Communicator) are software applications that run on a PC and allow control and visibility over a connected phone system.  Businesses, from small to large, have been using these tools more and more to increase worker productivity and reduce costs.  While the initial investment to install the equipment and software needed to reliably run Telecom Desktop Tools can be expensive enough for companies to think twice on installing them, in the long run, they are more than worth that investment. For example, here are the top 5 Ways to Improve Staff Productivity with Telecom Desktop Tools:

1. Simplify Call Management

The switch from a desk phone to desktop tools will produce a vast increase in productivity that will be viewable in reports (especially for employees who spend a lot of time on the phone, like receptionists and call center agents). This is because the graphical user interface displays a great amount of information at a glance (i.e. calls on hold, in the queue, voicemails waiting, etc.) without being overwhelming. This decreases the time needed to handle each individual call.  Additionally, since today’s office workers are already quite experienced with the PC, training them to manage phone calls via their computer screen rather than their desktop phone can be completed quite quickly.

2. Unify Communications

Desktop tools like NEC’s UCE Desktop Client provide users with multiple communication mediums such as telephone, IM, mobile, video, email, and many more. These can be prioritized so that low priority items aren’t tying up high priority mediums (such as the telephone). This allows communication to flow more smoothly and efficiently. Also, employees can use one medium to send a line of communication and have it received using another medium at the other end, dependent upon the receiver’s current presence. nec desktop

3. Use Presence Information to Save Time

Speaking of presence, all great telecom desktop tools contain an area where all other employees’ current state of availability can be viewed, otherwise known as presence. This information allows employees (provided they have the necessary security allowance) to know whether their colleagues are busy, in a meeting, available, in a call, and so on. This ensures no time is wasted trying to get in touch with someone who’s clearly not available. As well, using this presence information, calls and other forms of unified communication can be routed to their proper medium destination; voicemail or direct call, for example.  Presence has become one of the most powerful tools today in saving time and increasing worker productivity.

4. Collaboration Becomes Easier and Faster

Telecommunications Collaboration   
Built in collaboration tools such as sharing desktop screens, group chatting, and white boarding create an easy and quick method for groups to meet effectively. With Telecom Desktop Tools, employees can arrange and conduct meetings with their colleagues without leaving their desks. Products such asNEC’s UCE Collaboration software provide fast and easy ‘mouse click away’ paths to meetings with rich video conferencing, file sharing, desktop sharing, and group voice chatting, which leaves the conference room free for more important meetings.

5. Multi-Tasking

Since most employees use their PC to do most of their work, integrating all telephone functionality on their computer screen it allows much easier multi-tasking. Employees can, for instance, make a call on their phone while answering an email at the same time. Telecom Desktop Tools also eliminate the need for an employee to switch back and forth between their phone and PC, which saves valuable time.  Finally, Desktop software can be integrated with customer databases so that relevant customer information will be displayed on screen during incoming calls. This completely eliminates the need to look up that information and is a clear example of how Telecom Desktop Tools increase productivity.


There is no doubt that Telecom Desktop Tools can increase productivity and save most companies money in the medium to long term. This especially applies to businesses with a high volume of incoming or outgoing calls (i.e. call centers).

If you’re ready to invest in Telecom Desktop Tools and join the Unified Communication revolution, ECI is currently running a Migration Promotion until September 25, 2012. This promotion allows both existing customers and new clients to upgrade to NEC’s SV8100 system, which can be fully integrated with UC Desktop 5.0, the latest release in NEC’s UC Desktop Suite.